Ever wish that you could choose your own color combinations instead of the same, tired old designs put out by every other company?
With our Easy Order System, now you can! Click below,
and prepare to express yourself like you never have before.

We are no longer offering FULL CUSTOM measurement service. However, custom colors based off the rack sizing still available.

Are you a big race team or an individual looking for custom made leathers? Do you have special sizing needs, or a special design in mind? Want your own custom lettering and/or a race number? No sweat! Kushitani can customize any leathers for you just like for a top factory star. Just call or e-mail, and we will provide you with all necessary custom order information.

One racing boots can be created with a high customizing in the world of my specification.
 The glove and boots are also semi-custom-made.
Not only the suit but also the glove and boots are possible an easy order. And, the model is a lineup as for both the touring model and the racing model.

Kushitani's Proto-Core Leather is treated Mw/ fluorine. This treatment
makes the leather waterproof, yet highly breathable. A suit made of
waterproof leather will not keep you completely dry, due to seams or
perforation. However, it will prevent the leather from getting soaked
and heavy through either rain or the rider's perspiration.
If water penetrates the surface of leather, the natural oils of the
leather will dry out, and it will become stiff and brittle. Moisture,
and with it mold, can seriously harm your leathers. Not Kushitani's
Proto-Core Leathers. The easiest maintenance you'll find - just turn
them inside out, hang them and let them dry. And your leathers will be
as good as before.

【What's Real Safety】


What is true safety? Take a tour though our factory, see what it takes to make a suit. From the perforation machine to the sewing of our leathers.


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