Glove-Kushitani K-5147
GPR 6 Motorcycle Leather Gloves K-5147 $310.00 "OUR new GPR 6 run 1 size smaller then GPR 5"
We at Kushitani are proud to anonounce the next generation of motorcycle leather gloves to the public, the ?GPR6 gloves. For many years we have taken our experience from the race track to the street and designed gloves for maximum protection and comfort. The new line of Kushitani motorcycle racing leather gloves, the GPR 6, is built by mimicking the structure of our hands and its complex physical makeup. The ligaments, muscle groups and bone structure in our hands are in fact reflected in the different layers of protection, leather and sections of the

GPR6 gloves. The GPR 6 racing leather gloves have the ability to perfectly follow every contracting and expanding movement of the hand when in motion. The gpr6 flexes both in length and in width conforming perfectly to your hand. The Kushitani GPR 6 glove perfect fit is also achieved by adding ?stretch panels at the highest stressed point, the side of the glove.

The GPR 6 is constructed in both cowhide and kangaroo, cowhide t the top of the hand for durability and kangaroo on the palm for maximum feel on the grip.

The GPR6 armor has also been improved this year by applying 5 layers of protection to the glove starting with zylon lace inside the glove, to 2 layers of k-foam, and a new gel pad for the knuckles. We also have redesigned the Zylon protection on the ring finger and the pinky to have more freedom of movement.

?In line with Kushitani GPR glovesf tradition, the technology behind the new GPR6 racing leather glove makes it possibly the best motorcycle glove we have ever made.

The Kushitani GPR6 are going to be introduced in the US market before summertime and will be available for purchase shortly on the online store or at the BMW dealer closest to you.



We currently only have all blacks in stock, different colors, Blue, Red and limited air mesh White coming soon.

Sizes: M, L, LL, XL, XXL, XXXL
OUR new GPR 6 run 1 size smaller then GPR 5.

The Kushitani GPR 6 gloves fits 1 size smaller then the GPR5 gloves. This is consider more of a racing fit, less movement inside the glove prevents armor rotation.


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