EX washable leather Jeans sizes 30-36
37-38 $610

When water penetrates the surface of then leather, the natural oils from leather will dry out, become stiff, brittle, and eventually mold and odor. KUSHITANI's Country Jeans are truly waterproof, soaked in floride prior to dyeing, therefore no necessary maintenance to keep beside the occasional wash! You can even wash EX Jeans in a hand washable, hang to dry, its that easy. EX jeans will not keep you completely dry, due to seams or perforation. However, waterproof leather will not get soaked and heavy through either rain or the rider's perspiration. Available in perforated and non-perforated..  
Available in perforated and non-perforated.

Materials and features:

  • Hostien Waterproof Leather.
  • Pockets for armor
  • Zylon stitching
  • 5 pocket classic design.

T-Pro armor to wear underneath
our EX Jeans. CE approved
Nylon lining

EX leather keeps you warm and dry, and yet it is very breathable. AND it is machine washable.


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